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Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid

The Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid

The people mover has been taken to a new level

Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid can be charged with mains electricity for zero-emission driving – contributing to reduced local emissions and allowing the eight-seat people-mover to enter the growing number of ultra-low-emission vehicle zones being introduced across Europe.

The vehicle's front wheels are driven exclusively by an electric motor, powered by a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Ford’s multi-award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine acts as a range extender, working alongside regenerative braking enabled by the motor/generator to recharge the battery.

Drivers can choose the degree of energy recovery and braking assistance afforded by the regenerative charging system by selecting either Drive or Low on the gear selector. Releasing the accelerator pedal in Low-mode increases the vehicle’s programmed deceleration, automatically illuminating the brake lights to warn drivers behind. The greater deceleration increases the amount of kinetic energy recovered and stored in the battery, extending the potential electric range.

The compact, liquid-cooled battery pack is located under the floor of the passenger compartment and is carefully positioned to preserve the generous interior space offered by the 2.0-litre EcoBlue-powered Tourneo Custom.

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The New FordPass Connect modem and FordPass Pro app enable you to interact with your car like never before. That’s because a range of connected services in your vehicle, and on your smartphone, work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

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Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) The Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) utilises two separate power sources, a battery-powered electric motor that drives the vehicle and a 1.0L Ford EcoBoost petrol engine to recharge the hybrid battery and extend the vehicle’s range. The driver can select between four available EV modes, including EV Now which allows you to drive with zero emissions on electric-only power.
The PHEV battery can also be recharged using most AC network charging points.
Exterior There’s a whole host of features packed into the Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid to improve the drive and feel.
Let Tourneo do the parking Active Park Assist Active Park Assist makes parking easier than ever. Once activated the system can identify a suitable perpendicular or parallel space and then steer the vehicle in. All you need to do is break or accelerate as instructed. It can even steer you out of the space. 'Available at extra cost’
Turning circle Easy turning The Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid has a turning circle of 11.6 meters, impressive for a vehicle of its size. This makes city driving so much easier.
Headlamps Signature Headlamps HID headlamps deliver a precise, intensely bright light pattern and give the Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid a distinctive look. Glare Free High Beam adjusts itself automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers and with static cornering and bending, these headlamps help you see more clearly when driving around bends.
    Interior With multi-adjustable seats, hands-free technology, sophisticated dual-zone air conditioning, clever storage and more, you and your passengers can enjoy first-class journeys.
    Versatile and comfortable Versatile and comfortable The Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid can be configured to meet your needs. The second row can be turned around to face the rear of the vehicle which offers numerous possible configurations to create the perfect space or to maximise the luggage area, without having to take any seats out. If you need even more load space, the second and third can be individually removed allowing you to set up your vehicle to give you the exact space required. The driver's seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable so you can find your ideal driving position. The adjustable lumbar support, heated front seats and power-adjustable driver's seat are options.
    Storage A place for everything The Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid is full of clever covered storage, including on top of the instrument cluster. This compartment contains a 12V power socket, an auxiliary input and a standard USB port. A 15-Watt, 240V power inverter socket fitted between the driver and passenger seats is optional. Smart features, such as a roller-covered cup-holder, bottle-holders, under-seat containers for laptops and files, door bins and a fold-out table help you keep things tidy and valuables out of sight.
    Twin sliding doors Convenience on both sides For easier access and greater flexibility, the Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid has sliding doors on both sides. Great care has gone into the design of the doors. The sliding door track is covered to conceal the mechanism, to improve aerodynamics and help reduce noise. Premium quality running boards are also below the doors which are fitted as standard.