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Ford Pro Software is a suite of software applications, unblocking data and real-time visibility on all your fleet vehicles. By turning live vehicle health and telematics data into actionable information. We'll help you improve vehicle uptime, safety &security, manage your electric leet and improve overall productivity.

Depending on the size and specific requirements of your fleet, various smartphone apps and software platforms - including Ford Telematics, Ford Telematics Essentials and FordPass Pro - let you access a growing range of key productivity and vehicle uptime tools and subscriptions.

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Ford Pass Pro

Look after up to five business vehicles with the FordPass Pro application. The app can pair with vehicles that have FordPass Connect allowing you to access a range of tools that help improve vehicle health, security and productivity.

Find What You Need

  • Use the FordPass Pro map to find dealers for servicing and charge points or fuel stations
Log Your Journeys
  • My Journeys lets you log your trips, file them under Business or Personal and then export the data from each of your vehicles.
Don't get Held Up
  • Live Traffic sends up-to-date traffic information via the FordPass Connect to your vehicle's navigation.
Keep Track of Fuels Costs
  • Check your driving efficiency against monthly average fuel usage. A monthly fuel report helps you keep track of your fuel costs and plan expenses for the month for each of your vehicles.

Download FordPass Pro

You can download FordPass Pro to your Apple or Android device today and connect your vehicle.

If you need any help setting up your connected vehicle please contact us and one of our vehicle specialists will be in touch.

App Store

Download Google Play Store App: Google Play Store For Android Free Download

Ford ProTelematics

No two fleets are alike. That's why our telematics and data solutions have been created. So whether you need to increase vehicle uptime and productivity, reduce maintenance costs, manage compliance or improve efficiency in other ways we can deliver solutions so you can focus on managing your business.

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Ford Telematics Essentials

​This is a complimentary tool designed for businesses with over 5 vehicles. The intuitive interface shows the health status of your connected Ford vehicles and displays live alerts when something needs attention. So, you can plan more effectively, minimise downtime and extend the life of your fleet tools alerts and vehicle insights that let you monitor your vehicles' performance, keep track of where they go and how they are running.​

Ford Telematics

Ford Telematics offers much more. It can help you to manage your fleet more efficiently. Offering a range of productivity tools, alerts and vehicle insights, that let you monitor your vehicles' performance, keep track of where they go, how they're used, and how they're running. Plus with the New All-Electric E-Transit you can enjoy E-Telematics free for 12 months (from date of warranty).

New Electric Vehicle Insights

Ford Pro™ Telematics gives you the tools to take care of your fleet of Ford electric vehicles. Enhanced insights and alerts let you keep track of their locations, charging status and running costs.

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Always Stay Informed

The Ford Telematics Drive app is a complementary solution, which enables drivers to pair with a vehicle in your fleet. Drivers provide timely information about the roadworthiness of that vehicle to the fleet manager, by completing vehicle checklists, or by reporting any maintenance issues, all via the app.

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FORDLiive enables smarter maintenance decisions, faster turnaround & dedicated, data-driven technical support to minimise vehicle downtime. We are here to keep your commercial vehicle and your business healthy.

FORDLiive is an integrated suite of products and services designed to maximise the productive uptime of your connected Ford commercial vehicle.

FORDLiive is available when you activate your modem through FordPass Pro or one of our Telematics packages. Once activated we will be able to identify any required work on your vehicle and agree with you on the best schedule to keep your business moving.

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